Pre-Holiday Planning

Hello Bloggers!

So I have been trying to think ahead on what I might get for gifts this holiday season, so I can start budgeting ahead of time. Rather than just planning for myself I thought I might give everyone a few ideas!

1. Voluspa candles

I know, candles may seem like a cliche gift to give, but Voluspa candles have wonderful, unusual scents like “masion blanc” and “crisp champagne.” The scents are not overbearing or too sweet, so don’t worry they won’t give any headaches. The candles come in many beautiful packaging designs and if your gift “recievee” doesn’t like candles, they come in room spray forms too 😉
Can be found here

2. Chalk Board Storage Jars

If the person you are gifting loves cooking, this may be a perfect gift. These jars are a fun way to store anything from coffee to cookies to spices. You can get one for each friend, or maybe a set for someone special.


Can be found here.

3. Monogrammed notecards

Recently, I feel like I have had a hard time finding a fun stationery set that I can use to send anything from thank you notes to a simple “Hello.” I came across these on the Kate Spade webpage a few days ago and thought they would be a perfect gift. Just make sure you get the right monogram 🙂


Can be found here.

4. Joules Wellies

Living in the Northwest, you get used to the rain and wet. Why not make someone excited to run out in the rain each day because of their fun new Wellies? I found Joules Wellies about 4 years ago, and constantly get comments on how fun they are. I say check them out, there is a design for everyone.


Can be found here.

I hope some of these ideas help! I will post more as it gets closer to the holiday season.


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