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The other day someone asked me why I liked fashion so much and after thinking for a minute, my simple answer was that fashion is my way to express myself. Some people express themselves with music, some with excersize and I choose fashion. I remember the awkward years in jr. high and even parts of highschool where I felt like I was constantly chasing after a certain style in hopes of looking like all the other girls. After releasing this drive and focusing on myself I realized I had my own style and an intense love of fashion and design. In college, I found that people don’t try to fit the trends, but instead wear what makes them feel happy, even if it is the yoga pant and school sweatshirt kind of day (hey I had plenty of those too). I guess what I am trying to say is fashion and the love of clothing and design is part of who I am. I put up these images of my style on my blog because I feel like sometimes it helps to see other people’s fashion to help create your own. I want to share some images below of who some of MY fashion inspirations are who helped me find myself and my own sense of fashion.
Also, Chanel has always been a fashion designer that I have followed. If you are interested in seeing a really unusual and beautiful set design for a runway show please follow this link:–vB3yMS-jw

Alexander McQueen Resort 2013


Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012


Carolina Herrera Resort 2012


Carven Fall 2012

Gucci Fall 2012


Lanvin fall 2012


Valentino Fall 2012


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