Hello Seafashers!

A classic Pacific Northwest look, “the flannel” has been a staple to this part of the country for a long time. When you think of Seattle, what do you think of? Well, according to Vogue, the best way to fit in is with the traditional look, the plaid shirt.

Here’s the thing. Yes, it may be a classic PNW-style’d look, but it’s also plastered all over the runways. That’s the fun part. We can dress in a classic “Seattle look” and the second we leave the state we are “hip.” This goes for girls and guys. Don’t be afraid, throw on that flannel, pair it with a pair of jeans and you’re good to go! Remember, you don’t have to wear a true flannel to wear this trend. You can wear plaid basically anywhere and you’ll be wearing one of my personal (and many designer’s), long-time-favorite looks.
Below I show one of my favorite men’s looks, the traditional Patagonia flannel.

At the bottom of this post, I’ll put up a few links with reasonably priced plaid pieces for men.

Shirt: Patagonia (similar here), Pants: John Varvatos (last seen here)IMG_5874

IMG_5909 IMG_5906IMG_5877IMG_5896IMG_5898

Here are a few links to reasonably priced plaid items:

One [Button up flannel. Urban Outfitters]
Two [Button up flannel. Urban Outfitters]
Three [Scarf. Nordstrom]
Four [Button up. Patagonia]
Five [Jacket. JC Penny]
Six [Button up. Nordstrom]

Thanks for reading!



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