The Ultimate Hair Product

Hello Seafashionistas!

Kelsey here!
I hope everyone is enjoying the change of weather and embracing the new Spring fashion trends. I recommend this product to go along with each and every look this season.
Nectar Thermique is the base to most hair care products. This product is a heat protectant creating a barrier between the hair and the hot tool. When I say “hot tool” I mean any styling tool for the hair. (Specifically, a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron or hot rollers.) A heat protectant helps protect the color from fading as well as minimize damage. It also has intense moisture for dry to very dry hair and creates a smooth and shiny finish. Simply use a nickel size amount (it will make it last for months!) on towel dried hair and blow dry or you can let your hair air dry.
Nectar Thermique is a great product to make what I call, “a product cocktail” by adding oil to the thermal protectant. Pick up a bottle at any Gene Juarez Salon for $42.
Thanks for reading!

(That’s me!)

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